• Fair Deal

    Trading in QDM means trading in a fair and honest dealer.

    We do not distinguish between the client's net worth, the size of the investment, the type of account, the transaction environment of all customers are the same, to ensure the fairness of the transaction platform.

  • Second Rate Transaction

    QDM strict implementation of the principle of no repeat offer, no rejection order, in order to ensure that the customer to provide a fair and reliable trading experience.

    In addition, 99.35% of the orders will be traded in a second, no repeat offer, no rejection orders.

    Our business model depends on our business philosophy: in the foreign exchange market, execution is everything.

  • Safe and Reliable

    In QDM, the protection of customer capital security is our top priority. We work with the world's top investment banks, corporate accounts and customer funds separately to ensure the safety of customer funds.

    Retail customers receive 20000 pounds of investor compensation. At the same time, all customers will have a negative balance protection, which makes the loss of customers will never be greater than their account balance.

Why Choose QDM

Our management team has visited more than and 120 cities around the world to maintain close contact with our customers and partners. We believe that the value of human interaction is based on face-to-face communication.

QDM has held hundreds of lectures around the world to help participants learn professional knowledge to make better business decisions. Over the years, QDM customer service and technical support in the continuous progress has also been recognized by customers. It is precisely because of this, QDM has maintained a high level of customer retention.

QDM has gained the recognition of the UK certification body to invest in helping people to develop their potential and achieve their goals. To obtain this model standard, QDM has proven to be the dominant force in online forex trading, determined to serve every customer.

People-oriented Company

QDM to develop a sustainable workforce through multi culture, and to meet your needs by opening up different cultures, nationalities, ethnic and religious beliefs. Our advanced trading platform and flexible trading conditions can adapt to a variety of global customers. Our major is a wealth of experience and insight into the global financial markets. We are committed to providing quality services to currencies, contracts, stock exchanges and precious metals trading.

We follow the business philosophy is very simple: to ensure customer satisfaction, we can win the trust and loyalty of customers. Credibility is associated with credibility, both of which are based on our ability to provide services in accordance with customer needs and expectations. By focusing on industry trends and technological innovation, we are able to cope with the increasingly complex needs of customers diversified. We can never neglect in customer orders, this is why we offer low spreads, whenever and wherever possible to maintain the highest executive power.

An account can exchange foreign exchange, precious metals and securities index.

An account can log on 8 platform terminals.

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