Trading Patterns

QDM platform uses DMA/STP transaction model, namely direct market access STP brokers. Currently on the market to provide online forex trading broker trading patterns vary, including a more high-end complex transaction pattern is called direct market access mode (Direct Marke- tAc-cess), referred to as the DMA model, namely traders orders are sent directly to the liquidity provider implementation for the price of all orders will be executed. Complete with the best price in all.

DMA/STP Forex Trading Platform

The trader's order is delivered directly to the circulation provider (with a slight increase in the fixed value), and the execution is performed at the market price, so that all orders will be completed at the best price of all the offers

DMA technology to ensure that there is always a real transaction price, there will be no price situation

DMA/STP brokers make traders can directly see the liquidity providers provide the best price / price, relatively more transparent

General STP platform

The trader's order is executed internally in a timely manner, and then these orders are hedged by the provider. Because the broker expects to make a profit in the hedging process, if the trader orders, the broker can not find a profit hedging opportunities, then it is possible to re bid.

Traders see the price higher than the best price the broker receives from the provider.