• Industry leader

    QDM is the world's leading online trading company. In foreign exchange, precious metals, CFD and American and British stock, stock index and commodities, there are more than 200 tools, QDM Europe, Asia, the Middle East, more than 180 countries in Africa and Latin America retail and institutional customer service.

  • Global Top Bank Account

    To provide financial services to customers in the world's leading financial institutions such as UBS (UBS), the Bank of France, Paris, Raiffeisen, banks, etc.. For a long time, QDM has always maintained a successful cooperative relationship with the bank, and to further ensure the safety of funds, reduce the risk of default.

  • Customer Funds Division

    As always, keep the customer funds separate from the company's own funds. Customer accounts are subject to strict control, can only be used for normal trading.

  • Investor Compensation Fund Protection

    In order to provide the highest level of protection to the customer's funds, QDM treats all customers as retail customers. As a member of the investor compensation fund, the customer is entitled to compensation if the company fails or fails to perform its financial obligations.

  • Risk Management

    Through its award-winning trading platform, providing automated risk management system to ensure that the customer's account balance will never be negative.