QDM can easily and safely complete the account opening procedures, only four simple steps to start trading.

  • Apply

    Select account type
    and apply online

  • Submit information

    Submit application and
    related documents

  • Remittance

    Choose bank transfer, credit card
    or third party payment platform

  • Transaction

    Open Your
    Trading Road

Note that
in order to ensure the best performance of our servers and to achieve standards in our order execution policy, long unused accounts need to be followed by the account closing and archiving policies

If you are a novice Forex, then simulation account is the best choice to test your trading potential. You can use virtual funds to trade, do not take any risks, because the profit and loss are simulated. After you have tested trading strategies, learn how to grasp the market trends and how to place an order, you can start the next step, the establishment of a real account, the transaction of real funds.

In addition, opening an account means you can begin to experience MetaTrader4, today's most popular and most efficient trading platform. As an automated trading software, MetaTrader4 provides enhanced trading capabilities, as well as a variety of icons and technical indicators, greatly increasing the speed of your transactions, but also automatically handle your orders.