Safe, Cconvenient and Fast

We provide a safe, convenient and efficient way to transfer money, and the use of anti fraud security mechanisms to prevent any crime site. We only go through the account transfer procedure for its clients. We do not accept any third party remittance. We do not charge any remittance charges

Online Into Gold

Be sure to read the remittance information disclosure statement before you make the remittance.

Disclaimer: online payment providers are third party organizations, independent of QDM. Online payment provider is not a QDM branch, nor its Affiliated Companies. We would like to use one of the services provided by the online payment service for individual retail customers. QDM in any case does not guarantee or recommend the use of online payment providers to give priority to the provision of remittance services, QDM does not bear any responsibility for the transaction between the customer and the online payment provider. Customers can only apply for an audit after the account, and receive account login information, including Infinitum account, remittance. The name of the sender shall be the same as that of the QDM account holder. To comply with financial regulations and international anti money laundering regulations, QDM does not accept any third party remittance. We strongly recommend that customers pay close attention to the online payment provider's online guide and disclosure statement. QDM recommends that customers in the use of online payment providers to provide services, a clear understanding of the online payment provider to provide remittance, fees and other related policies and procedures. When applying for withdrawal, the customer may only remit the money in the form of the deposit. QDM reserves through customer deposits when remitted money, rather than by bank transfer funds remitted customer rights.