Safe, Cconvenient and Fast

To provide you with a variety of convenient and safe way out. All online transaction data are encrypted with up to 256 SSL technology to provide you with the protection of international banking standards. As a reliable international financial institutions, our terms of payment (or the relevant provisions) fair and transparent, you can make your transactions convenient, safe and timely processing.

Online Payment

Payment Note

1. For each transaction account to provide a free monthly payment service, then each month will be charged $30 fee.
2. The name of the holder of the bank account to receive the wire transfer account must be the same as the name of the account holder.
3. QDM does not accept cash deposits, including bills of exchange, traveler's checks or other forms of cash deposits.
4. In the event of capital injection, the bank account name of the source of funds must be consistent with the name of your trading account.
5. No third party remittance。
6. QDM will not charge fees for normal withdrawals, but the transit bank will charge some of the money in the process.

Anti Money Laundering Policy

QDM will do its best to act in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations of all countries to cooperate with all the laws and regulations on anti money laundering and anti terrorism. QDM will occasionally view account records to obtain evidence of money laundering suspected of trading, including the following monitoring:

Account access
Telegraphic Transfer
Other acts other than normal business