Foreign Exchange

The foreign exchange market is the world's largest financial market, including banks, companies, financial institutions and retail investors. Daily trading amount of around $3 trillion to $5 trillion in 2010, in such a huge volume of transactions, no agency can completely about the market trend, is the world's most fair and transparent trading market. It combines the advantages of trading stocks and Futures and other financial products, suitable for public investment, investors can be based on rapid changes in the market for currency trading, trading.
  • QDM provides foreign exchange margin trading to investors with the advantage of no other investment varieties
  • High volume, high market transparency of the global foreign exchange market daily trading volume reached $5 trillion, so the market makers do not exist, and foreign investment is the object of the national economy, and the news data are shared globally
  • The lever is flexible, the transaction cost is light and the adjustable lever proportion can effectively reduce the transaction cost and improve the utilization ratio of the funds
  • Two-way trade, profit from the market to limit foreign exchange to do more, short, both bull and bear, as long as the market fluctuations in the market have the opportunity to profit
  • T+0 transactions, the world's 24 hour uninterrupted foreign exchange market, unlike stocks, foreign exchange is T+0 trading, ready to buy
Matters needing attention
  • If you stay overnight, then you need to pay overnight interest
  • At the time of the transaction, the purchase price and selling price difference
    risk warning: if the market moves opposite your transaction, your losses may be more than your initial deposit.