Price Differential

A differential contract can reflect the changes in the price of a stock or index and provide a profit or loss arising from changes in the price, without the actual ownership of the stock or index futures. QDM is a margin trading, the same kind of stock transactions, the profit or loss is determined by the price you buy and sell, the difference between the CFD contract has a lot of advantages compared to traditional stock trading. A stock spread contract is a derivative of a stock that trades on margin. One thing is that investors can only pay margin trading, without paying the full value of the stock transaction, but also to save fees and stamp duty, is a hot trading products in the international financial markets. In the QDM Forex platform, you can trade the global stock index, enjoy the low point of the premium experience
  • A fun without opening the global stock index.
  • Instant integration with the global economy, the moment into the global economy
  • Speculate on the future market price trend
  • The two-way transaction, even profit from the decline in
  • Active market volatility affected by political, economic and environmental factors
  • Risk management, expanding portfolio to reduce risk
Matters needing attention
  • If you stay overnight, then you need to pay overnight interest
  • At the time of the transaction, the purchase price and selling price difference
    risk warning: if the market moves opposite your transaction, your losses may be more than your initial deposit.