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Accrual Cumulative interest
Interest and discount accumulation in swap transactions (carry trades) in forward foreign exchange transactions.
Adjustment Policy adjustment
Government behavior, in general, as a result of changes in domestic economic policies to deal with the balance of payments or adjust their exchange rates.
Appreciation appreciation
The rise in the price of a country's currency as a result of increased market demand is called "appreciation"".
Arbitrage Interest arbitrage
Refers to the purchase or sale of an investment product at the same time in the relevant market reverse transactions of the same number of positions, thus taking advantage of the small market price fluctuations between the benefits.
Ask (Offer) Price dealer price (retail price)
To sell at a price of a currency in a foreign exchange contract or a cross contract. Traders can buy the basic currency at this price, the number on the right side of the offer. For example: USD/CHF 1.4527/32, the price is 1.4532, which means you can use 1.4532 francs to buy $1.
At Best best price trading
an order to buy or sell at the lowest price.
At or Better this bit or better price transaction
an order to trade at a certain price or better.


Balance of Trade Trade balance
The difference between a country's exports minus imports
Bar Chart Histogram
A foreign exchange chart types, there are 4 important parts: the highest vertical height and constitute the lowest price and the opening price (for a short horizontal line on the left side of the vertical line) and closing price (for a short line vertical line on the right).
Barrier levelBarrier level
Some very important level of barrier option structure. If the barrier level is reached, the specific barrier option clause will trigger a series of events
Barrier option Barrier option
A variety of options structure of a specific transaction price of major significance (such as typing out options, options, options do not touch and double touch -DNT). In the case of an option that does not touch the barrier, the Seller shall pay the buyer a large amount of the defined amount if the price is not "touched" when the option expires. The idiosyncratic incentive option seller drives the price penetration trigger level and also encourages the option buyer to defend the trigger level
Base Currency Base currency
refers to the previous currency in the currency pair. An offer is usually expressed as a unit of base currency value of how much other currency. For example, if USD/CHF=1.6215, it means a dollar (base currency) worth 1.6215 Swiss francs. In the foreign exchange market, the dollar is usually placed at the top of a currency pair, as the "base currency" of an offer. The pound, the euro and the Australian dollar (except their dollar exchange rate will usually put at the bottom of the dollar).
Base rate benchmark interest rate
central bank lending rate
Basing stationary phase
a method of technical analysis - chart morphology shows that product demand is almost flat. This can lead to a narrow trading range and a combination of support and resistance.
Basis point base point
is used to describe the smallest change in the price of a unit of measure
Bearish / Bear market bearish / bear market
adverse price trend, contributed to the market down. For example, we put the euro / dollar, which means that we think the euro against the dollar will fall
Bears bearish
believes that prices will fall and hold short positions trader
Bid price at
market in preparation for the price of a product. To buy / sell price. In foreign exchange trading, price said the trader can sell the base currency at this price, the price of money left. For example: USD/CHF 1.4527/32, the base currency for the dollar, the purchase price of 1.4527; means you can sell $1.4527 Swiss francs $1. The purchase price in CFDs also said the trader can sell products. For example: British Petroleum Price, 111.13/111.16, is a unit price of the underlying market products, the purchase price of 111.13 pounds.
Bid/ask spread buy / sell spread
the difference between buying and selling prices
Big figure large number
refers to the first three figures of the currency, such as the dollar / yen offer of $117 or $1.26. If the price changes to 1.5 large numbers, it moves up to 150
BIS is located in Basel, Switzerland, bank for International Settlements
is the Central Bank of the central bank. BIS is often coordinated between the central bank and the market. With the central bank to enhance the management function of the reserve currency, BIS activity is increasing. If there is a report that BIS is buying or selling at a certain level, the BIS is usually done for a central bank, which is likely to be huge. BIS can avoid the market mistakenly believe that the interests of government official intervention.
Black box black box
is a term used to describe a system that is based on model trading or technical traders
Blow off (price rises quickly after falling, bubble head)
surrendered to the equivalent of the sell-off. That is, the case of the short throw in the towel and flattening the remaining short positions
BOC Bank of Canada
Bank of Canada
BOE Bank of England
Bank of England
BOJ Bank of Japan
that the Bank of Japan
Bollinger bands Boll
A tool used by technical analysts. The channel has two standard deviations on both sides of the moving average, often used to indicate the level of support and resistance.
The name of a debt issued for a specified period of time
In the professional trading environment, book a dealer or dealing desk overview of all positions.
British Retail Consortium (BRC) shop price index
An indicator of inflation by investigating different retailers. The index measures only changes in the price of goods purchased at retail stores.
A person or company that acts as an intermediary to collect the buyer and the seller and charge fees or commissions. On the contrary, the "trader" is the operation of funds and the establishment of long or short positions, in the hope that after the transaction with the other side of the position in order to make a difference (Ying Li).
Used to refer to the 1 million dollar dollar base currency or as a general term for the dollar.
Bullish / Bull market
Support market strength and price upward. For example: "we are bullish on EUR / usd". We think the euro will rise against the dollar.
A trader who expects prices to rise and hold long positions.
Central Bank of Germany
Do more than one product
Buy dips
Ready to buy a 20-30 point / point callback in an intraday trend


GBP / USD pair. Sterling exchange rate began in the mid nineteenth Century through a cable across the Atlantic ("Cable") to the United States, when the pound is an international trade currency, Cable hence the name.
Canadian dollar, also known as Loonie or Funds.
Call option
Trade deals between the two countries. By selling a low interest currency and buying a high interest rate currency, the exchange rate spreads between the two countries.
Canadian Ivey Purchasing Managers (CIPM) index
A monthly index of business climate that was observed by the Richard School of business.
Candlestick chart
A chart showing the trading range, opening and closing price of the day. If the opening price is higher than the closing price, the rectangle between the opening and closing price is solid. If the closing price is higher than the opening price, the chart area is hollow.
At the end of the extreme market, traders with a loss position. The situation often indicates that the expected reversal of the market will soon come.
Carry trade
A trading strategy to do more than a relatively high interest rate currency and to buy a cheaper currency in order to make a difference. For example: New Zealand dollar / yen for a period of time famous arbitrage. The New Zealand dollar is a high-yield currency, while the yen yields lower. I hope to use this kind of spread traders buy and sell New Zealand dollar yen, or Duoniu yuan / yen. If the New Zealand dollar / yen downward trend to extend the duration, the most likely to be due to changes in interest rates, at this time, arbitrage trading is called "lifting".
Cash Market
Derivatives contracts are based on the actual target market.
Cash Price
The price at which the product is delivered at an instant.
abbreviate of the central bank
Central bank
A government or government organization that manages the country's monetary policy. The Central Bank of the United States is the Federal Reserve Bank of Germany, the German central bank.
is a financial derivative that shows the value of underlying assets, such as an index or stock. It allows traders to leverage their funds through transactions that are substantially higher than the notional principal of the account funds, and to provide all of the product's interest in the event that the trader does not actually own the securities trading products. In practice, if you buy a $10 deal and sell it for $11, you will get a $1 interest rate spread. On the other hand, if you are short of the transaction and sold for $10, then $11 repurchase, you need to pay $1 * * *.
By applying charts, graphs, and historical data to find price trends and predict future trends. Technical traders.
Follow up the limited, is not conducive to radical trading of short-term price movements.
Cleared funds
Funds available for settlement of a transaction at any time.
The process of closing a deal
Closed position
Exposure to financial contracts (e.g. money). The reverse offset positions equal transaction completion positions. Once opened, the position is "settled".
Through the implementation and opening transaction opposite operation stop (closing) of existing transactions.
Closing price
Price of product position. Also refers to the price of the last transaction in a trading day.
An asset paid for a guaranteed loan or guarantee.
Fees charged for the purchase or sale of a product
Commodity currencies
The currency of an economy heavily dependent on natural resources; often referred to as Canada, New Zealand, Australia and russia.
The composition of the cross platform of the dollar currency pairs (such as: euro / dollar component for the dollar / Euro + USD / JPY). The components of the cross selling disc refers to sell dollars to build alternative currency cross head ".
NASDAQ composite index.
An exchange of documents between the parties to the transaction, which specifies the terms and conditions of the transaction
After a substantial price trend in the interval period of shock Quotes
Construction spending
U.S. Department of Commerce Census Bureau released a monthly data to measure the amount of new construction spending.
The tendency of a market economy to spread to other markets.
Standard unit of foreign exchange transactions.
Contract note
Delivery confirmation letter for accurate transaction details.
Contract size
The nominal amount of the difference.
Controlled risk
A situation in which the risk is limited by a guaranteed stop.
Convergence of MAs
A description of the moving average of different periods of time to move closer to each other's technical observations, in general, this situation indicates that the price consolidation.
Corporate action
An event that changes the ownership structure of a stock (usually the stock price). For example, acquisitions, mergers, dividends, stock splits and split are the acts of the company.
A company that enters the market for hedging or financial management. The company will not always be sensitive to the price of speculative funds, and its investment interest has a very long term, which makes the value of the company's investment in the short term transactions, the smaller the value of.
Counter currency
Currency in the latter currency.
The party involved in financial transactions.
Country risk
Risks associated with cross-border transactions, including, but not limited to, legal or political circumstances.
A measure of inflation, the consumer price index.
Market ready to sell
Cross (e.g. Yen cross)
Currency that does not contain a dollar.
Crown currencies
Canadian dollar, Australian dollar, British pound and New Zealand dollar (both of which are the Commonwealth countries).
Commodity trading advisors- A speculative trader similar to that of a short-term hedge fund; usually a trader or a futures trader in Chicago.
Any form of currency issued by a government or central bank as a legal tender or transaction basis.
Currency Pair
Two currencies forming foreign exchange rates. Example: EUR/USD (EUR / USD).
Currency Risk
The risk of reverse exchange rate changes.
Currency symbols
A symbol that represents a particular currency and consists of 3 letters, such as USD (USD).
Current Account
Total trade balance (import and export of goods and services), net factor income (such as interest and dividends) and net transfer payments (such as foreign aid). Among them, the trade balance is the core element of the current account.


Day Trader
Refers to the commodity market, usually on the same day the profits of speculative traders.
Day trading
Opening and closing positions of the same product within one day.
A term that represents a transaction at current market value. For real-time transactions, contrary to orders.
An individual or company that serves as a party or dealer. The banker, as one of the parties, makes a profit from the difference (Ying Li) by clearing the trading position of the other party. In contrast, the broker is an intermediary or intermediary company, by earning a trader's commission or transaction fees and profit.
Dealing spread
Contract buying and selling price spread.
Defend a level
The act of preventing a product from trading in a price or price area, usually because they have a vested interest, such as barrier options.
Listed on the stock exchange was removed.
The exchange parties exchange currency in accordance with the contract.
Delta(The fourth letter of the Greek alphabet. Its capitalΔ,Lowercaseδ)
The ratio between the change in the price of a product and the change in the price of the underlying market.
Department of Communities and Local Government (DCLG)
Released by the monthly survey of DCLG, the use of a large number of houses sold data to monitor the price trend of the British real estate market.
Currency prices fell by market.
A contract whose value varies depending on the price of the underlying or underlying stock, futures or other investment instrument. Options are the most common derivatives.
The act of making a deliberate downward adjustment to the country's currency.
Discount Rate
The interest paid by the qualified depository institutions to the central bank due to short-term loans from the central bank.
In technical analysis, the price trend and the opposite direction of the kinetic energy, such as price increases, and kinetic energy. The deviation is divided into positive deviation (cow deviation) and negative deviation (bear departure). The two kinds of deviations are the sign of the change of price trend. Positive / cattle deviation occurs when the stock market price to build a new low and the momentum began to rise. Negative / bear departure is seen in the stock market prices out of a new high, but the indicators failed to follow up when the fall. Deviation occurs frequently when the price trend is excessive, often with the price to reverse and follow the momentum index in the end.
Divergence of MAs
A technique that describes the moving away from each other in different periods of time.
The company's earnings allocated to the shareholders of the company -- usually expressed as the value of each share.
DJIA or Dow
Dow Jones industrial average or US 30 index.
Doves refer to data or policy ideas that suggest a looser monetary policy or a cut in interest rates.
The price trend is lower and lower.
Dollar index.


European Central Bank (ECB)
Central Bank of the new European union.
Economic Indicator
Data released by the government or authority to show current economic growth and stability. Common economic data include: employment rate, gross domestic product (GDP), inflation, retail sales, etc..
End Of Day Order (EOD)
An order to buy or sell a currency pair at a price. Valid for the day off (usually 5 p.m. EST) before.
New York time zone, Eastern Standard Time
A type of Euronext 50 index.
Euro currency
European Monetary Union (EMU):
A policy mix designed to regulate economic and fiscal policy among EU member states.
European session
07:00 – 16:00(London time)
Eurozone Labor Cost Index
The annual rate of inflation, which monitors the level of compensation and income earned by domestic workers, is seen as a major driver of overall inflation.
Eurozone Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Leading Indicator
Issued by the euro area economic cooperation and Development Organization (OECD) monthly statistics. It measures the overall economic situation of a country by combining ten leading indicators (average weekly working hours, new orders, consumer expectations, construction permits, stock prices and spreads).
The purchaser reserves the right to buy the stock at the time of the next dividend.
Expiry date / price:
The date and time the option will expire. Two of the most common options expire at 10:00am EST (also known as New York time 10:00 or New York point) and Tokyo time 3:00pm (also known as the Tokyo time 15:00 or). Because of the spot market hedge positions, these periods often appear to enhance market activity.
Selling goods on a global scale, which in turn allows them to become foreign currency sellers and buyers of domestic currency companies. Often referred to as Sony, Toyota, a large Japanese companies, they are dollar / yen natural sellers, in order to convert the proceeds of the sale of goods in the u.s..
Market trends are considered too fast.


Factory Orders
durable goods and non durable goods orders in U.S. dollars. More than a month earlier than its published durable goods orders.
Fair value
derivative contract price and the difference between the underlying spot market price. Fair value means there is no arbitrage opportunity between the two prices.
refers to the Federal Reserve Bank of the United States, the Central Bank of the United States or the Federal Reserve Policy Committee FOMC (Federal Open Market Committee).
Fed officials
refers to the U.S. Federal Reserve Board members or regional Federal Reserve Bank governor
Figure / The figure
refers to 00-03 (1.2600-03), such as a quote in the'00'digital part, the above quote can be read as "figure-3". If someone sells at 1.2600, traders can call it'the figure was given'or'the figure was hit.'
order is fully implemented
Fill or kill
cancel orders if not all transactions.
First In Out (FIFO)
all the positions open on the basis of the "FIFO" principle. That is, for a currency pair of all positions, the positions will be based on the liquidation of the liquidation, the first position to hold the first position, after the opening of the positions held.
has to buy or sell a large amount of foreign currency in order to carry out the operation of the business customer order. There are about five times in a foreign exchange transaction. In general, these sets will cause market volatility. Regular set time is as follows (New York time):
5:00am - Frankfurt
6:00am - London
10:00am - WMHCO world market trading company
11:00am - WMHCO (world market trading company) - greater importance
8:20am - IMM (world money market)
8:15am - ECB (ECB)
Flat or flat reading
economic data readings are consistent with the previous period, no change.
foreign exchange terms used to indicate the position in which all reverse transactions have been completed. For example, if you buy $500000 and sell the $500000, the current position is open.
the emergence of new interest in buying or selling to a particular price level the direction of breakthrough. Such as the lack of follow-up trend generally means that the trend will not be permanent or reversal.
Federal Reserve Open Market Committee for the Fed's policy committee.
FOMC minutes FOMC
FOMC policy meeting 3 weeks after the release of a written record of the meeting. Summary allows us to learn more about FOMC's deliberations, and can trigger a strong market reaction.
Foreign Exchange (Forex, FX)
referred to as Forex or FX, refers to the purchase of a currency and the sale of another currency.
refers to the transaction between the parties in accordance with the spread of the transaction currency, the establishment of the exchange rate and the establishment of the contract in advance, the future and then the actual delivery of the transaction.
Forward Points
the number of points to be added from the current exchange rate for the forward exchange rate.
France stock exchange, the 40 largest listed company (market value) of an index name. FRA40 index, also known as the CAC 40 index.
FTSE 100
UK 100 index name
Fundamental Analysis
analysis of the economic and policy aspects of the future price movements of an investment in a financial market.
refers to the types of hedge funds that are active in the market; and another term for the dollar / Canadian dollar pair.
a contract for the execution of a transaction at a good price in the current agreement at a certain time in the future.
Futures Contract
parties to the transaction agreed at a certain time in the future price of a commodity or investment products under the standard contract. The basic difference between futures and forward trading is that futures are generally traded on the futures exchange (ETC), while forward transactions are OTC. OTC (OTC) means any transaction outside the exchange.


The world's seven industrial countries, namely the United States, Germany, Japan, France, Britain, Canada and Italy.
The group of -7's group plus Russia
Gap / Gapping
The market has a sharp trend, in the absence of any transaction price jumps over multiple levels. Tiaokong often occurs after economic data or news release.
Gearing (also known as leverage or margin)
Leverage refers to the amount of money in a transaction that is greater than the amount of money held by a trader's account. Expressed as a percentage or fraction.
An index of the 30 largest listed companies in the German Stock Exchange (DAX) - another term for the index.
The purchase price is accepted or selling interest.
Giving it up
Technical level in the fight to fall.
Time zone representing the most common reference in the foreign exchange market. Contrary to daylight saving time / daylight saving time, GMT remains unchanged during the year.
Going Long
The act of buying stocks, futures, or currencies for investment or speculative purposes.
Going Short
The act of selling money, securities, or other investment products in the absence of money or securities.
Gold (Gold's relationship)
generally believe that the price of gold and the opposite direction of the dollar. Long term correlation coefficient is negative for most of the time, but the reliability of short-term correlation is not as good as the former.
Gold Certificate
gold investors to buy or sell gold certificate of property, is characterized by: no casting gold coins, no gold circulation, the actual circulation of paper coupons.
Gold Contract
gold trading standard unit for a gold contract. A troy ounce gold contract =10.
Good for day
an order that has not been agreed to be invalidated at the end of the day.
Good'Til Cancelled Order (GTC)
an order for the transaction price, which will remain in effect until the transaction is completed or cancelled.
Good 'til date
if not in selected before the date of the transaction, the session of the failure types of orders.
Gross Domestic Product gross domestic product (GDP)
Refers to the total value of goods and services produced in all economic activities of a country or a foreign enterprise. GDP reflects the speed of a country's economic growth (or retreat), is regarded as the most macro indicators of economic output and growth.
Gross National Product
refers to the total value of goods and services produced by a country within a certain period of time.
Guaranteed order
is not affected by the market order traders protect upward influence type, can guarantee fixed in your default price.
Guaranteed stop
a stop order in which the position of the position at which the market price reaches or exceeds the specified level is guaranteed. Even in the market upward when this order type can ensure stop.
Gunning, gunned
refers to the promotion of the trigger trigger point or the technical level of the market investors.


foreign exchange market from the beginning of 000 every 100 points.
Hawk - hawkish
when a country's monetary policy makers believe that the need to raise interest rates, they will be referred to as hawks, in general, to raise interest rates to combat inflation or curb excessive economic growth, but also take into account both.
, also known as hedging, refers to one or more positions to reduce the risk of a position.
"Hit the bid"
pledged to buy arrive at the price to sell or purchase price.
Hongkong Hang Seng index.


market volume is very small. Lack of liquidity often brings about a changing market environment.
the international money market, the currency futures market in Chicago, is part of the Chicago mercantile exchange.
IMM futures
based on the main currency against the dollar to establish the traditional futures contract. IMM futures trading on the Chicago mercantile exchange.
IMM session
8:00am - 3:00pm New York 8:00 - 15:00
Dow Jones Industrial average.
Industrial Production
measures the real output of manufacturing, mining and utilities, based on quantity rather than quantity. Very sensitive to economic development or contraction, is a leading indicator of employment and income.
refers to the economic form of rising prices and declining purchasing power of consumers.
Initial Margin
initially deposited as a guarantee for the establishment of a position.
Private Companies initial public offering - an initial public offering.
Interbank Rates
foreign exchange quotations for large multinational banks.
reflects a cash adjustment that has an impact on the value of the underlying assets under or in respect of the.
the central bank's intervention in the market for currency prices. Joint intervention refers to the behavior of a number of central banks to jointly control the exchange rate.
Introducing Broker
for the FOREX.com account to get the Commission of the entity, can be a company, can also be an individual.
represents the S & P 500 index
ISM Manufacturing Index
assess the situation in the U.S. manufacturing sector, through the future production conditions, new orders, inventory, employment and delivery and other aspects of the survey, to measure the overall situation of the manufacturing sector. The value of 50 as the dividing line, more than 50 said in a state of expansion, below 50 indicates contraction.
ISM Non-Manufacturing
service sector Outlook Index of 80% of the U.S. economy outside the manufacturing sector index. The value is also divided into 50 lines, more than 50 said in a state of expansion, below the contraction state of 50.


Japanese Economy Watchers Survey
measures the level of confidence in the service sector, such as waiters, drivers and beauticians. Such as reading more than 50 said is getting better.
Japanese Machine Tool Orders
refers to the total value of new orders for machine tool manufacturers. Machine tool orders is an indicator of the demand for machinery manufacturing, but also a leading indicator of future industrial production situation. Such as strong performance means that the manufacturing sector is in good condition, the economy is in the expansion phase.


Keep the powder dry
restricts trading in harsh trading environments. It is best to stay out of the market before a clear market opportunity, whether in a volatile or narrow market environment.
New Zealand dollar.
An option strategy for
to require the underlying product to be traded at a certain level before the purchase option becomes effective. In order to reduce the cost of additional options in options, once the option to force, can cause hedge behavior.
an option that can be used to buy an option at a specified level before the transaction is made. Once the transaction is touched at the level of failure, the underlying option no longer exists, and the hedge must be lifted or


Last dealing day
the last date of a specific transaction.
Last dealing time
the last time that a particular product can be traded.
Leading Indicators
data used to predict future economic activity.
an area of price and a particular price, which is of great importance to the technical side or on the basis of an interest in an order / option.
is also called margin, the amount of money that can be compared to the amount of money you actually have in your business. It allows traders to trade substantially beyond the nominal principal of their actual funds. For example, the leverage of 100:1 means that you can trade the notional principal amount of 100 times the amount of money in your account.
Leveraged names
short-term traders, mostly referring to hedge fund groups.
potential losses, liabilities or financial liabilities.
London Interbank Offered rate.
Limit order
If you want to
a better price than the current price (price higher than the current price, lower than the current transaction) a currency, can be achieved by setting the stop order. For example, the current exchange rate of USD/YEN is 117.00/05, the surplus order can be set to below 102 (e.g., 116.50) to buy USD/JPY.
Liquid market
sufficient number of buyers and sellers, can bring smooth price trend of the market
the act of closing a settlement by reverse transactions with an equal position.
The ability of a
to accept large transactions without affecting the price stability at least. London session 08:00 - (London)
Long position long position
the position of appreciation as the price rises. When buying a base currency of a currency pair, the position held is a long position.
buy a product trader.
USD / CAD industry slang
represents the number of units in the transaction. Total transaction size change.


The longest term traders based on fundamental analysis. A "macro" trader positions can be extended for 6 months to years.
Manufacturing Production
Gross output value of manufacturing industry in industrial production. Only the output value of the 13 secondary areas directly related to manufacturing. Manufacturing accounts for about 80% of the total industrial production.
The funds required to be deposited by the investor in the dealer's position as a guarantee.
Margin Call
When the exchange rate fluctuations lead to reverse margin to maintain the positions, brokers or trade associations issued a margin call to investors, investors continue to deposit a certain margin, in order to maintain the positions.
Market capitalization
The total value of listed companies, equal to the stock price multiplied by the number of shares issued.
Market Maker
Also known as the dealer or market maker, tongsudeshuo, holding financial products inventory and then promised to maintain two-way trading transactions of these financial products dealers.
Market order
An order to buy or sell at current prices.
Market Risk
The risk of changes in market prices.
A method of evaluating the value of all positions at current market prices. The adjusted value will determine the required margin.
The date of delivery or validity of a financial product.
Medley report
Refers to the global consulting firm, which is a close contact with the global central bank and government officials of the market consulting firm. Because they claim to hold insider information from policymakers, the report often causes currency market volatility. For a long time, the accuracy of the report is not stable, but in the short term the market will remain concerned about them.
Same as black box. A system for automated trading based on technical analysis or other quantitative operations.
The monthly growth rate, which reflects the change in the number of months in January compared to the previous month.
A series of techniques to assess the rate of price change (e.g., RSI, MACD, stochastic, and kinetic energy).
Momentum players
Follow the trend of the day and try to get the 50-100 point gains traders.


A name for the Nasdaq 100 index.
Net Position
The value of the long positions and short positions.
New York session
8:00am – 5:00pm (New York time)
No touch
An option that pays a fixed amount of money to the holder, if the market does not reach a predetermined level of obstruction.
NYSE composite index.


Offer (also known as the Ask price)
market price of products sold. To buy / sell two-way quotes. The price is also known as the retail price. The purchase price of the price to buy the currency traders said on the right side of the monetary base. For example, in the dollar / Swiss Franc 1.4527/32 offer, the base currency is U.S. dollars, the purchase price of 1.4532, indicating that you can buy $1.4532 Swiss Franc $1. In CFDs, said traders buy the price of the product price. For example, such as the British Petroleum quoted 111.13/111.16, the price of the product is British Petroleum, and each basic unit of the market price of 111.16 pounds.
said if a market for "selling" transactions showed a currency of interest or a sharp sell-off is attracting a lot of selling.
Offsetting transaction
transactions to offset the market risk of some or all positions.
On top
intends to sell at current market order price.
One Cancels Other Order (OCO)
means two orders are set at the same time, when a transaction, another automatic cancellation.
One touch
an option to pay a fixed amount to the holder, as the market hits the pre-set barrier.
Open order
orders only when the price reaches the specified target price. Is usually set to "valid until cancelled."".
Overnight Position
has been holding positions to the next trading day.
a financial derivative that gives a trader the right but not the obligation to buy or sell a product at a specified price before a particular date.
an order for a transaction at a given price.
Order book
is a system that shows the market capacity of traders who are willing to trade at a non optimal price.
Over the counter (OTC)
any transaction outside the exchange.
Overnight position
has been holding positions to the next trading day.


Seller of market transaction.
The exchange of foreign currency in which one currency is exchanged against another.
A rather violent sell-off.
Market in a very short period of time, a huge fluctuations in the trend in the form of a semi parabolic acceleration. Parabolic direction may be rising or falling.
Partial fill
only partially executed transactions.
waits for certain levels before setting up a position, or certain news events affect the market.
Personal Income
refers to a person's annual income, including wages, bonuses and investment income. It is a key factor in determining personal spending, in the leading industrial countries, the proportion of personal spending accounted for GDP 2/3.
minimum unit of foreign exchange transactions. Usually fourth decimal places. If 0.0001 is called the 1 point.
Political Risk
will have a negative impact on investment policy changes brought about by the risk.
a group of investments held by an entity.
net position of a currency.
In the foreign exchange market, the forward rate is higher than the spot rate".
Price Transparency
refers to the offer price is more transparent, each market participants can get a fair offer.
the difference between the cost price and the selling price when the selling price is higher than the cost price.
trend market continues to move in the same direction before the retracement of some of the trend.
Purchasing Managers Index (PMI)
shows an economic indicator of the performance of domestic manufacturing companies.
Purchasing Managers Services (France, Germany, Eurozone, UK) services purchasing managers index (France, Germany, the euro area, the United Kingdom)
index of purchasing managers' outlook for service industry. The survey includes: employment, production, new orders, supplier delivery and inventory status and other aspects. The value of 50 as the demarcation point, more than 50 of the economy is in the expansion phase, the following 50 indicates that the economy contracted.
Put option
A product with the right but not the obligation to sell at a specified price.


Market price, usually for informational purposes only.
Quantitative easing
The central bank's injection of funds into the economy to stimulate growth.
Quarterly CFDs
A futures that is due every three months (i.e., a quarterly).


Refers to the exchange rate has experienced a period of decline after the recovery.
The difference between the highest and lowest price of a foreign currency transaction or futures transaction in a specified period of time.
The price of another currency expressed in one currency, usually for trading purposes.
Reserve Bank of Australia
Reserve Bank of New Zealand
Real money
Large traders, including pension funds, asset managers, insurance companies, etc.. They are considered to be the main indicators of long-term interest in the market, contrary to the short-term speculators.
Realized profit / loss
Amount of gain or loss after opening.
Resistance level
Peak value. Opposite to support.
Retail investor
Individual investors who trade on the basis of personal property, rather than individual investors.
Retail Sales
The total retail sales of goods and services in the month, take the form of a sample survey, the survey for different types and sizes of retailers. Can reflect a country's consumption expenditure, but also an important indicator of the economic development of all economic indicators.
The increase in the exchange rate of a country's currency caused by the intervention of the central bank. Contrary to devaluation.
Rights issue
The act of a company that has the right to buy more shares. Under normal circumstances, the company intends to increase capital will be issued.
The risk arising from uncertainty, most of which occurs when the situation is reversed.
Risk Management
The use of technical analysis or trading techniques to reduce and / or evade risks.
The interest earned or paid by a position over the time of New York's 17:00, which reflects the difference between the two currencies of a currency pair.
The spot foreign exchange market in 2 trading days after delivery. For example, Monday trading positions, delivery date is Wednesday. However, if the open positions on Monday night overnight (referring to more than 17:00 of the time of the United States is still not open), the delivery date will be Thursday. There is one exception: Wednesday and overnight delivery positions, Japan should be Saturday, but because the bank closed on Saturday, so the corresponding delivery delay to next Monday, this Wednesday, and it will open positions overnight (more than two days to pay or to earn interest). Similarly, the delivery date for the holiday situation will also generate or earn additional interest.
Round trip
Buy one to sell two actions.
Running profit / loss
One embodiment of open positions of the state index; namely: you in the current time closing all open positions can be obtained or unrealized capital losses.
Russell 2000 index.


Securities and Exchange Commission
Similar industry securities group.
The market is expected to establish short positions down.
The reverse action of a transaction. The settlement of foreign exchange transactions sometimes requires the actual exchange of two currencies, sometimes not required.
Shanghai A share index.
Short Position
A position to profit from a fall in the exchange rate. When the base currency is sold, it is called a "short position"".
Short squeeze
Traders into short, and the catalyst market leads to their hasty cover (buy) leading to price rise sharply.
In the fall, before the short traders began to buy back.
A trader who has sold or sold a product, or a bearish market.
Sidelines, sit on hands
There is no direction, disorder and uncertainty in the market environment that makes traders far away from the market, which is known as "off the shelf" or "currency".
Simple Moving Average (SMA)
Connection of all price averages for each particular period. For example, the daily 50 hours SMA line refers to the closing price of the average line of the last 50 days. Any time interval can be applied here.
The difference between the bid price and the price is generally attributed to changes in market conditions.
A term used to describe the market as if ready to move in a certain direction.
The lack of any significant trends and / or sustained volatile trading environment.
Swiss bank.
Sovereign names
Active central banks on the spot market.
Spot Market
A foreign exchange or commodity futures to the current market value of cash spot trading, spot trading for.
Spot Price
Current market price. Spot transactions are generally completed within 2 working days of settlement.
Spot Trade
The act of buying or selling foreign exchange or commodity futures and immediately. Spot contracts are generally electronic contracts.
The difference between the purchase price and the selling price points.
The act of buying and selling, clearing positions.
A name for the S & P index.
The name of the pound.
Stock exchange
A market for trading securities.
Stock index
The combined price of a group of stocks that can be used to evaluate group performance relative to past performance - is an expression relative to the base.
Stop loss hunting
The market seems to be entering a level that is thought to be a flood of stops. If a stop loss is triggered, a large number of stop orders will be triggered, so prices often break through these levels.
Stop Order
When the market price reaches the preset price automatically execute the order to buy or sell. When the market price reaches the order price, the stop loss will become the market order, the market at the time of the most favorable and tradable price. Remember, if the market is not traded on the orders of the price, the stop may perform in order to set the price and the influence of market gapped or slippage. The stop loss order will be triggered after the order price is triggered, according to the most profitable and enforceable price in the market.
Stop Loss Entry
A purchase order above the current price, or a sales order below the current price. This order can be used when you think the market is going to move in one direction and that you want to use it at a certain price.
Stop loss order
This is an order to sell at a lower price than to open a long position or to buy (a short position) at a current price. Stop order is an important risk management tool. If the market moves against you, you can through the positions set a stop loss order may limit your losses. Please remember, stop order does not guarantee the order execution price - when stops are triggered, the order will be in accordance with the market price of the most favorable and feasible implementation.
Stops building
A stop loss order; a variety of stop orders that allow traders to buy higher than the current price in the market, while selling below the current price in the market.
Strike price
The pricing of the option owner's executable product.
Price as the basis of past or future price movements.
Support levels
A technical analysis term that refers to a price peak or base. The exchange rate will be corrected automatically. Contrary to resistance.
Suspended trading
Temporary suspension of product transactions.
The act of buying and selling at the same time as the forward rate.
Swiss franc.


Said the "profit", hope to sell or buy the price higher than the purchase price lower than the price of a single.
Take over the control of the company by buying shares of the company.
Technical Analysis
By analyzing market data to predict future price movements. These market data include: historical trends, average price, trading volume, etc..
Technicians or Techs
A trader who makes a decision based on technical or chart analysis.
Ten (10) yr.
For example, the U.S. 10 year bonds - the United States government issued within 10 years of repayment of debt.
Illiquid, mobile or unstable market environment. Low volume market leading to unstable trading environment.
Thirty (30) yr.
Britain's 30 year gilts, for example, the UK government's outstanding debt for a period of up to 30 years.
The smallest unit of price fluctuation.
Time to maturity
Contract expiration time
Tokyo session
09:00 – 18:00 (Tokyo Time)
Tomorrow Next (Tom/Next)
Day to buy, sell the currency on the day after delivery.
Trade Balance
The difference between the import and export of goods or services. Countries with trade surpluses, which point out imports larger than imports, such as Japan, will appreciate in general. On the contrary, the trade deficit (imports than exports) countries, such as the United States, the general currency devaluation.
Trade size
Number of units sold in contracts or transactions.
Trading bid
The performance of the strong and / or upward, the market continued to buy.
Trading halt
And will not suspend trading transaction delay.
Trading heavy
Looks ready to go down the market, and often in spite of buying selling market rebound but does not attempt to associate.
Trading offered
Currency weakness and / or go down, emerging market selling.
Trading range
The interval between the highest and lowest stock prices, often involving a certain period of time. For example, the 52 week trading range.
Trailing stop
By tracking the stop loss can make the transaction price trend is good to continue to profit, but if the market price suddenly shifted to a specific distance, you can automatically open all transactions. Setting a conditional order will not necessarily limit your loss.
Transaction Cost
The cost of buying and selling financial products.
Transaction Date
Closing date
Lead to price changes in the price trend. Upward trend is identified by higher highs and lower highs. Downward trend from lower highs and lower lows.
The total amount of all transactions carried out over a period of time.
Two-Way Price
At the same time that reported a two price of the purchase price and the selling price.
Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) 10 year bond yield index symbol.


Describe the acute market conditions that may be violent.
A name for the FTSE 200 index
UK average earnings including bonus/ Excluding bonus
Measure the average wage level of workers (including / excluding bonuses). With the level of the same quarter last year, the level of the same quarter last year.
UK claimant count rate
The number of people applying for unemployment benefits. Since not all unemployed people are eligible for unemployment benefits, the number of applicants is often lower than the unemployment rate data.
UK HBOS House Price Index
Assessing the relative level of house prices in the UK is an important indicator of the real estate industry and the economic outlook. Britain's largest mortgage bank by the index (Scotland Halifax Bank) is released, the monthly data in the UK property market index for a long time.
UK jobless claims change
A measure of the change in the number of claims for unemployment benefits last month.
UK Manual Unit Wage Costs
Total labor cost per unit of output.
A name of Brent crude oil.
UK Producers Price Index Input
A measure of the level of inflation in the price of a producer's purchase of goods or services. Worth paying close attention because it is a leading indicator of inflation.
UK Producers Price Index Output
An indicator of the level of price inflation when a producer sells goods or services.
The real market of product prices.
Unemployment Rate
The proportion of unemployed people who have the ability to work.
University of Michigan's Consumer Sentiment Index
Based on data from 500 domestic consumer surveys in the United states. The index published two times a month: mid month announced the initial value, the end of the month announced the final value. The question revolves around the individual's attitude toward the American economy. Is regarded as an important indicator to measure the level of consumer spending.


Interest and discount accumulation in swap transactions (carry trades) in forward foreign exchange transactions.
Government behavior, in general, as a result of changes in domestic economic policies to deal with the balance of payments or adjust their exchange rates.
The rise in the price of a country's currency as a result of increased market demand is called "appreciation".
Refers to the purchase or sale of an investment product at the same time in the relevant market reverse transactions of the same number of positions, thus taking advantage of the small market price fluctuations between the benefits.
Ask (Offer) Price
To sell at a price of a currency in a foreign exchange contract or a cross contract. Traders can buy the basic currency at this price, the number on the right side of the offer. For example: USD/CHF 1.4527/32, the price is 1.4532, which means you can use 1.4532 francs to buy $1.
At Best
An order to buy or sell at the lowest price.
At or Better
An order to trade at a certain price or at a better price.


Wedge Chart Pattern
Refers to a form of "wedge" of the gradual contraction of the form of the chart, in a rising wedge, the price of high prices continue to decline, or in the decline in the wedge, the low price of the smaller. The rising wedge usually occurs after a period of decline, and the wedge usually appears after the rally.
The volatile market soared plunged rapidly after reversal.
Wholesale Prices
The level of change in the price paid by a retailer for the purchase of finished goods. Inflation pressures can be reflected earlier than retail data.Working order operating order: set but not traded limit.


Gold / dollar
Symbolic AMEX composite index.


One billion slang term.
Percentage of return on investment.
Annual growth rate.
Basic unit of Chinese currency. The name of the currency in China is RMB, the yuan is the basic unit.