Order Execution Policy

In QDM, execution speed is extremely important. We use the simplest and most efficient speed to ensure that customers enter the market at the best market price. We strongly oppose all software and methods that slow down the execution speed, such as vicious requotes or rejection of customer orders. Based on our previous experience as a banker dealer, we know very well that poor execution speed will turn a transaction into profit or loss, and very low spreads can only show its advantages if the transaction is successful. Therefore, the primary task of QDM is to provide the fastest and efficient execution.
Legendary Execution
QDM implements no repeat quotation and no order rejection policy. Provides 100% execution speed, 99.35% of orders are executed within 1 second.
Place an Order
Our trading platform supports market orders, limit orders, stop-loss orders and trailing stop-loss orders. You can freely place orders at any time during trading hours. Your position will remain open until the closing transaction ends; in addition, your account balance will be updated in real time according to the current market price.
Fractional point quotation allows you to trade with lower spreads and enjoy the most accurate quotation as possible.
Stop loss and limit order filling
QDM understands the importance of stop loss and limit orders in risk management, which is why we can guarantee that these two orders are traded at the best price in the market when each order is traded at a maximum of 50 lots.
Holiday and weekend execution
If there is a gap in the market from the closing price on Friday of server time to the opening price on Sunday, QDM will execute all stop-profit-loss pending orders as soon as the market price appears.
Unstable and illiquid market transactions
QDM has a long-term partnership with different funding providers, and adopts the vigilance and information of each provider. Even in the case of unstable market conditions, we will still provide you with the most effective market price by executing orders best service.